Looking after and maintaining your sliding wardrobe doors

Once you have installed your sliding wardrobe doors they shouldn't need any further attention, but to ensure they remain in in tip-top condition and working efficiently, below are a few ideas for maintaining and cleaning your doors.

Cleaning products and materials

For general dusting, polishing and cleaning we recommend using an e-cloth or a micro-fibre cloth. Warm water with a small amount of mild detergent added can be used for removing more stubborn marks or dirt.

However, abrasive cleaning products or products containing strong chemicals which could potentially damage your sliding wardrobe doors should not be used on the doors or the framework. Do not use white spirits, turpentine, solvents, vinegar-based detergents or other cleaning products such as furniture polish. Coarse and abrasive cloths and sponges are also not recommended as they can lead to scratching and discolouring of the surface finishes.

Mirrored and coloured glass doors

The best way to keep your mirrored and glass doors in spotless condition is to use an e-cloth or a micro-fibre cloth, which should clean the glass without leaving any smudges or smears. For surfaces that have become dirty or splashed (eg. with children’s fingermarks or grease or dirt from pets) use warm (not hot) water with a small amount of washing-up liquid added (one part detergent to 99 parts warm water). Gently rub the dirty areas using a clean cloth or sponge and then buff the surface dry afterwards using an e-cloth/micro-fibre cloth. Wardrobe Doors Direct offers a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee against delamination on all mirrored and glass panel doors.

There are a number of widely available household glass cleaning products. Please follow the manufacturers’ instructions and recommendations for use.

Coloured and woodgrain effect panels

Clean marks or dirt off by rubbing over with a barely damp cloth; then gently wipe dry with a soft clean cloth. Alternatively, marks can often be removed with a pencil eraser and the area then buffed with a soft clean cloth.

Framework / top and bottom tracks

Wet a soft clean cloth with warm water and wring out so that it is barely damp. Use this to wipe over the metalwork. Ensure not to leave any standing water residue on the steel metalwork, particularly at joints, as over time this could lead the surface to rust. If any liquids are spilled accidentally on your sliding wardrobe doors or on to the framework clean off as soon as possible to avoid any staining or corrosion, or for rust to develop.

Top and bottom tracks

The top and bottom tracks should require very little maintenance – however, when hoovering, use the crevice nozzle tool to vacuum in-between the runners to remove any dust or carpet fibres that have collected there.

Top and bottom wheels / running gear

The bottom load-bearing wheels and top guide wheels are 608zz double shielded bearings which means that they are enclosed bearings, shielded from contaminants during operation and are ‘lubricated for life’. As with the top and bottom tracks vacuum over the bottom running gear and the top guide wheels to remove any external dust that has collected on them. In the unlikely event of something going wrong with our top and bottom wheels Wardrobe Doors Direct offers a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee and will replace them free of charge if they are found to be defective.

That’s it – keeping your sliding wardrobes in tip top condition couldn't be easier! If you have any cleaning or maintenance tips you would like us to add to this article, or wish to speak to one of our Technical Team, please use freephone 0800 035 1730.

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