Crittall-style sliding wardrobe doors, internal sliding doors and sliding room dividers

The Crittall look

The Crittall look is typified by the use of slender horizontal and/or vertical framing and glazing h-bars, to generally create either square or rectangular glazing panels. The Crittall-style is ideal for adaption to create stylish sliding wardrobe doors and internal sliding doors or sliding room dividers, providing your home with a clean, modernist-inspired aesthetic.

Crittall-style sliding wardrobe doors

Bring the look of the Crittall-style to your sliding wardrobe doors by choosing any of the door designs from the Wardrobe Doors Direct range. In particular, the Milano Collection, Verona Collection and Lovara Collection are well-suited as their horizontal h-bars are equally spaced within the height of the doors, splitting them into 3, 4 and 5-panel designs respectively. When glazed with any of our clear safety glass, coloured glass or mirror panels they beautifully replicate this simple and enduring style.

If a very subtle overall effect is desirable, this can be created by co-ordinating the framing colour with the panel colour – for example, Gloss White framing with Pure White glass panels or Graphite Grey framing with Satin Storm Grey frosted glass panels. Alternatively, to create a striking contrast in the design, this can be achieved by teaming, for example, Black framing with Silver mirror panels, or Silver framing with Black glass panels.

The Art Deco style is most effectively achieved when using the reflective qualities of Black, White or Mirrored glass panels with either contrasting or co-ordinating metal framing.

Industrial-look sliding wardrobe doors

Bring the mid-century aesthetic of industrial-inspired design into your home with Crittall-style sliding wardrobe doors, or for a more contemporary industrial look (which became popular again during the 1980s, and has endured to the current day) consider using bright coloured framing with mirrored glass or glass panels that are of a contrasting colour to that of the framing.

Internal Crittall-style sliding room dividers

The Milano, Verona and Lovara designs are also ideal for creating Crittall-style room dividers and internal sliding doors. The 3, 4 or 5 panel designs, with horizontal h-bars equally dividing the glazing panels within the height of the door beautifully replicate the period steel look of the Crittall-style. Wardrobe Doors Direct now offers any design fully-glazed with traditional clear glass panels using 4mm clear safety glass. Clear glass Crittall-style doors are priced on an individual basis – please email us your requirements so we can quote


All of our Crittall-style sliding wardrobe doors and internal Crittall-style doors and Crittall-style room dividers are completely bespoke and made to your specific measurements. They can either be designed and manufactured to fit an existing wardrobe space or to perfectly fit the opening between your rooms; or to form part of a completely new wardrobe installation or interior re-modelling scheme.

Crittall doors – a brief history

Crittall ( is a notable English manufacturer of steel-framed windows and doors, with the company’s origins going back over 170 years. Based in Essex, its products have been used in thousands of buildings across the UK, including the Houses of Parliament and Tower of London. The ill-fated RMS Titanic also incorporated Crittall’s products.

For many, the Crittall style is synonymous with the Art Deco and Modernist movements of the early 20th-century and later with the slimline, post-modernist styling of architecture in the 1950s and '60s. The industrial aesthetic had new life breathed into again during the 1980s when the development of new, coloured and mirrored glazing and bright powder-coated steel frames became popular for use in commercial and public buildings in the form of curtain wall glazing, atriums etc. In short, this industrial-inspired aesthetic has endured for well over a century and offers a great deal of options for creating interesting and individual combinations on the theme.

Crittall windows can be seen on many buildings in the UK including houses, apartment blocks and on both commercial and public buildings
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