DIY sliding barn door hardware kits

As the desire for more flexible, open-plan living spaces has increased in recent years, a particular interior design trend has become more apparent – the use of sliding barn doors across large internal openings. These interior features were first seen on television shows such as Grand Designs or George Clark’s Amazing Spaces where they were put to use in grand barn renovations or as quirky room dividers within converted mills or industrial buildings. However, they are increasingly available for DIY installation within more modern homes. In this article we take a look at the advantages of sliding barn doors, some of the features associated with them and the sliding barn door hardware kits that are available from Wardrobe Doors Direct.

Sliding barn doors space-saving and versatile

Similar to sliding doors on tracks, due to their sliding nature, barn doors are an ideal method for closing off or opening up two adjacent spaces without the requirement for the doors to swing out into that space. This is particularly useful if space is limited. For example, barn doors can be used effectively between two rooms, to quickly facilitate a much larger, free-flowing space – ideal for when throwing a party or at large family gatherings – without the requirement to move items of furniture around or have doors stuck out in the way. Equally, they are adaptable for use across storage areas (wardrobes, en-suite bathrooms, pantries, utility spaces) where they can provide an interesting alternative to more conventional, swing-open doors or sliding doors running on top and bottom tracks.

Sliding barn door main features

The main distinguishing feature of sliding barn doors is that either one or two doors are top-hung on running wheels from a single, exposed rail or track that is mounted on the face of the opening – as compared to sliding room dividers which are bottom load-bearing and run on a bottom track and a top guide track of an opening; or sliding pocket doors that are also bottom load-bearing and run on concealed top and bottom tracks set into the cavity of a wall between two rooms or spaces. As barn doors are generally constructed from solid timber their hanging weight can be significantly greater than that of lighter weight aluminium framed sliding room dividers.

Sliding barn door kits

Whatever interior design style you are aiming for – rustic country charm, quirky boho chic or understated modernism – Wardrobe Doors Direct offers a sliding barn door kit to suit your requirements. Our barn door hanging kits are manufactured by OPK, Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of integrated sliding door solutions. All materials and components used are of high quality and meet the current British safety and quality standards.

Our sliding barn door kits are available in three design styles (see accompanying photos opposite):

  • Navigator W2
  • Navigator W3
  • Navigator W4

The hardware kits are suitable for use with internal doors of the following specifications:

Door width: ≥600mm - 1250mm
Door thickness: 35mm - 45mm
Door weight: 40kg - 80kg

Sliding barn door installation requirements

Prior to installing either a single sliding barn door or double sliding barn doors it is important to ensure that the wall to which the top running rail will be affixed is of sound quality and thick enough to support the hanging weight of the door (or doors) when in position. The bottom edge of the barn door itself will also require a groove (17mm width x 20mm depth) routing into it to accept the bottom guide rail that engages with a floor-mounted roller that prevents the door from swinging away from the wall.

Sliding barn doors hardware overview

Each premium quality sliding barn door kit comprises all the components necessary to install a single barn door (for double barn door installation, a secondary door kit is available) and briefly, these include:

  • 1x Barn door track (satin black aluminium) and fixings – available in 2000mm / 2500mm lengths
  • 2x Barn door rollers
  • 1x Barn door rail (anodised silver aluminium) – available in 1250mm / 2500mm lengths
  • 2x Soft closer mechanisms
  • 2x Damped end stoppers
  • 2x Safety catch
  • 1x Guide wheel
  • Fixings and fixing tools (spanner, allen key)


Pricing for single barn door kits (if a double barn door system is required you will require two kits):

Navigator W2 Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (2x soft-closers) : 2000mm Track (inc. delivery) £425.02
Navigator W2 Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (2x soft-closers) : 2500mm Track (inc. delivery) £439.83
Navigator W3 Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (2x soft-closers) : 2000mm Track (inc. delivery) £338.56
Navigator W3 Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (2x soft-closers) : 2500mm Track (inc. delivery) £353.35
Navigator W4 Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (2x soft-closers) : 2000mm Track (inc. delivery) £355.81
Navigator W4 Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit (2x soft-closers) : 2500mm Track (inc. delivery) £370.60

Contact us

For additional information on our sliding barn door kits, to discuss any design queries you may have or for a costing please feel free to call our Design Team on 0800 035 1730.

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