Triple-track sliding wardrobe doors and room dividers

For most three-door sliding wardrobe door and room divider installations, a double top and bottom track that incorporates two channels for the sliding doors to run in and slide past each other will offer perfectly satisfactory operation and give you access to a third of the wardrobe at any one time. However, there are some situations where the addition of a third track can offer improved access to the interior space of your wardrobe, or offer greater flexibility for room dividers. In this article we take a look at how a triple-track system may be of benefit and at the various different options for installing three tracks.

What is a triple-track system?

A triple-track system is exactly that - three parallel tracks for the sliding doors to run in, positioned at the floor level and also at the top or ceiling level. A top and bottom triple-track system can be achieved by using our standard two-channel top and bottom aluminium running tracks and adding another, single aluminium running track behind them.

Triple-track systems can be achieved by using our aluminium running tracks in the following colours: Anodised Silver; Polished Silver; Brushed Silver; Gloss White; Satin Black; Olive Gold and Stone Grey.

Please note: Although we offer our standard two-channel running tracks in steel, we do not offer single tracks in steel. Therefore, if you opt for steel-framed doors but also require a triple-track system, a ‘hybrid’ option, using steel-framed doors in conjunction with aluminium top and bottom tracks would be necessary. Fortunately, the frame finish options of the steel doors and of the aluminium running tracks are a good match and any slight differences in colour of the two components should be largely un-noticeable.

What are the benefits of a triple-track system?

As stated at the beginning of this article, two running tracks, positioned top and bottom, will offer a perfectly satisfactory solution in terms of accessibility to the interior space of your wardrobe. Indeed, if the wardrobe installation you order from us is a three-door arrangement it will be delivered with top and bottom double-channel running tracks as standard. This means that when the doors are installed you will have access to one-third of the wardrobe’s interior space at any one time and for most installations, with a reasonably wide overall opening, this will be perfectly adequate and will offer enough access to the wardrobe's interior. However, in certain situations, a triple-track system may be desirable:

• Narrow aperture and/or doors
If the aperture you are covering is particularly narrow and you have decided to install three narrower doors instead of two wider ones then the use of three tracks instead of two will provide you with more access to the interiors when all three doors are slid open – see Fig 1.

• Room dividers
If you intend to use our sliding doors as room dividers then in certain situations, using a triple-track arrangement could enable three narrower doors to be used where two wider sliding doors would only enable a limited walking space between the two spaces. By using a triple track system the three doors could be slid neatly behind each other, to one side of the opening, thus maximising the available space to walk through – see the example room layout illustrated in Fig 2.

Installing a surface-mounted triple-track system

If a triple-track arrangement is to be included as part of your sliding door installation first ensure that there is adequate space, both at floor level and also at the top level/ceiling level, to fit a standard two-channel aluminium running track plus a single aluminium running track behind it, so they can be exactly parallel. The overall width (front-to-back dimension) of this arrangement will be 123mm - see Figs 3a and 3b below. The top and bottom single track profiles are designed such that when they are placed behind the double track profiles the overall visual effect is of a single, unified track profile.

Installing a recessed triple-track system

If you would prefer to have a triple-track system where the bottom three running tracks are more discreet (eg. recessed into the floor or mounted underneath a carpet), this is possible, although the tracks themselves will need to be installed as individual, single tracks. The options that this method may be used for include:

1. Recessed as three individual tracks within a solid floor (eg. floorboards; chipboard; parquet floor; ceramic tiles).
2. Recessed as three individual tracks underneath carpeting.

Figs 4a and 4b show the options that can be achieved using our bottom single tracks when used as triple-track system recessed into a floor or installed under carpeting. More comprehensive details of how to install the different tracks in to different floor types can be found in this article: How to install our tracks onto different types of floor.

Using framing kits with triple-tracks

If you plan to install a triple-track system in conjunction with one of our framing kits, bear in mind the overall width (front to back dimension) of the three tracks when fitted. Our framing kits, that include two strike plates and floor / ceiling liners, are designed to be used with the standard aluminium double-track system. A standard double-track is 87mm (steel) and 80mm (aluminium) wide when fitted, whereas a triple top track arrangement will occupy 123mm of space. Therefore, in this situation, we recommend you either create your own framework from softwood or alternatively, use one of our 450mm width panels (, cutting a section out of the middle so that you end up with two lengths with widths at 123mm or greater. The resultant sawn edges of these two lengths can then be positioned so that they face inside the wardrobe, so remaining invisible when the installation is completed.

Ordering a triple-track system / more information

Our online sliding door designer tool does not offer the option for including triple-track running tracks - therefore, if you are considering including three tracks within your sliding wardrobe doors, sliding room dividers or pocket doors installation please contact us directly to discuss your requirements or for a quotation. Please call us on freephone 0800 035 1730.

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