We often get asked for an estimate of the time it takes to install our wardrobe doors and although no definitive answer can be given due to the varying nature of each particular installation, we have provided some examples below, starting with the fitting of a standard two door wardrobe in a typical alcove situation.

For the purposes of the examples below we have defined a standard installation as being the install of a two door wardrobe between two walls (e.g. in an alcove) involving the fitting of strike plates on the walls and liners on the ceiling and floor.

If you intend to use a professional joiner or external fitter to install our sliding wardrobe doors then we would recommend they read our installation guide that accompanies the doors or ask them to download it from our website. It is also a good idea to show them the location in which you require the doors to be installed prior to obtaining a quote.

Note: Please bear in mind that all the times given below are based on what we would expect a professional fitter to achieve. If you intend to install the wardrobe doors yourself and you are an experienced DIY-er then we would suggest you add a little more time to those stated below to allow for completion of the job.

Those who have followed this advice have found that fitting sliding wardrobe doors is a painless process.

Example 1 - standard wardrobe installation

If the floor and ceiling are level and the walls plumb and straight then this type of installation should be reasonably straightforward - we have known experienced fitters who have installed our doors before to be able to complete such a job in 2-3 hours. However, allowing for some minor discrepancies in levels or straightness, we would recommend at least half a day be allowed. If the walls, floor and ceiling are not perfectly level or straight and require a significant amount of work to create an absolutely rectangular aperture then a full day’s work should be allowed for.

Example 2 - installation with an end panel or end panel to end panel

If your installation is from a wall to an end panel or from an end panel to another end panel then the installation time will be increased. The end panels come oversized so allow time for them to be carefully cut down to size at the top and bottom to match the run of the ceiling and floor and also at the back to match the contours of your wall. Once the end panels have been cut they will also need to be fixed securely in place using corner blocks or timber battening (not supplied). If these requirements form part of your installation then depending on the specifics of the wardrobe location it would be reasonable to add another hour/hour and a half for the measuring, cutting and fixing of each end panel required.

Example 3 - installation with extra details

There are of course extra joinery details that can be added to our sliding wardrobe doors (eg. adding a frame, adding a pelmet) and these will add time (and potential cost) to the overall installation process. As a guide, the addition of a simple frame or pelmet may add another 1-2 hours on to the overall job.

Example 4 - installation of sliding wardrobe interiors

This element is probably the hardest to quantify in terms of time required as there are so many factors that may vary: the width of the opening and the number of doors; the configuration of units required; materials to be used and method of construction.

Wardrobe Doors Direct interiors are supplied with complete flexibility in mind enabling you to achieve the most effective configuration to maximise your interior storage space. However, this does mean that sufficient time should be allowed for the cutting and fitting of each piece.

As a guide we would expect that our basic 2 door interior installation would take a couple of hours to cut and install and our more complicated 5 doors interiors could take a full day or longer.

In summary

As we said at the beginning of this guide, every installation will be different and will have its own considerations which could change the length of installation considerably. Wherever possible, we suggest obtaining a number of quotes from recommended joiners/fitters. If your preferred professional hasn't fitted any sliding doors before we recommend they read our installation guide prior to starting any work. The sliding doors themselves also come with a printed 12-page installation guide.

If you undertake the fitting yourself then allow plenty of time for the job and do not rush. This is the best way to ensure that like other Wardrobe Doors Direct customers you are delighted with your complete, finished and fully functioning sliding wardrobe. Read the installation guide carefully, take your time and you should not have any problems.

We hope you have found this guide useful. If you have any more questions please call us on Freephone 0800 035 1730.

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