Made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors

Our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution to maximise the amount of usable storage space whilst minimising the amount of time needed to install them.

What are made-to-measure wardrobe doors?

Made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors are just that – bespoke wardrobe doors that are custom-made to fit your available space perfectly. You provide the overall width and height measurements of your opening, select a door design from our range, choose the frame and door panel material and colour – and then we manufacture and deliver the doors, direct to your own door, ready for DIY installation or fitting by your own tradsesperson.

Made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors designed to fit any space

As well as for conventional spaces (eg. wide alcoves, long, open wall spaces), made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors are the perfect solution for creating built-in storage areas in a variety of awkward or difficult-to-access spaces including:
narrow alcoves
angled alcoves or angled under-eaves spaces
conventional eaves spaces in attic rooms
L-shaped spaces

Over-height / over-width sliding wardrobe doors

Most off-the-shelf wardrobe doors can only be purchased in a few standardised widths and in even fewer standardised heights. For full-height installations (ie from floor-to-ceiling), this can result in the space above the standard height doors needing to be filled in with some type of partitioning or panelling that will, in itself, need structural support. Similarly, the installation of a run of standardised width doors can result in sections of panelling being needed as ‘infills’ at one or both ends if the doors themselves do not fill the width exactly.

Our full floor-to-ceiling options for rooms with high ceilings enable doors of up to 2480mm in height to be specified, or up to 2750mm in height if the aluminium framing system is used. This means that full-floor-to-ceiling sliding doors with MFC, glass or mirrored glass panels can be installed for a truly stunning appearance.

Our extra-wide sliding door options of up to 1500mm in width also enable longer runs to be achieved using fewer doors, if desired. Please contact our design team on 0800 035 1730 for more information on over-height or over-width doors or for a quote.

Design your made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors

Designing and ordering your sliding wardrobe doors couldn’t be simpler with our online Door Designer. Once you have input your height and width measurements you can experiment with as many different door styles, panel configurations, materials and finishes as you wish before deciding on the perfect combination for your room space. We offer a wide choice of different door panel materials including plain MFC, woodgrain MFC, mirror or glass in a range of contemporary colours and, thanks to the multi-panel construction of many of our sliding wardrobe door designs, you can create your own personalised look using different materials and colour options to either complement or contrast with the décor and style of your home.

Our full panel doors will suit most homes including traditional room spaces, whereas our multi-panel doors with horizontal bars offer a more contemporary look and feel for newer homes.

For an ultra-contemporary look we also offer frameless sliding wardrobe doors and minimalist sliding wardrobe doors or for a more traditional look we offer Shaker-style sliding wardrobe doors. Whatever your style of home décor, we have a range to suit most tastes – all you need to do is decide which one!

If you require FREE samples to help with colour matching and the design process please request them from our sample request page.

Steel / aluminium framed sliding doors

Our most cost-effective doors use steel-framing and running tracks and provide a robust and durable option for installations that will experience heavy or regular use. Our aluminium-framed sliding wardrobe doors and running tracks offer a premium finish and will enhance any room setting that they are installed in. For more in-depth information on the relative differences between our steel and aluminium frame sliding doors please see our article Steel or aluminium frames - what's the difference?

A wealth of information to help you!

At Wardrobe Doors Direct we pride ourselves on the help, advice and service that we offer to not only our customers but also potentional customers who are still in the process of researching the facts, benefits, possibilities and costs of sliding wardrobe doors. To this end we make available a wealth of free information articles to help potential customers in their understanding of all aspects of sliding doors and DIY sliding door wardrobe installation.

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If you have any questions about our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors please contact the design team on freephone 0800 035 1730.

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Bespoke sliding wardrobe doors


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