How much do fitted wardrobes cost in 2023?

Although there is a variety of different points to consider when pricing-up fitted wardrobes with sliding doors, there are three main influencing factors to take into account:

  1. The overall cost of the sliding doors, framing and optional extras eg. soft-closers, brush strips;
  2. The costs associated with the wardrobe’s interior; and
  3. The overall costs associated with installation.

Possibly the most obvious point to consider within the first factor is the cost of the sliding doors themselves. However, even this is not as straightforward as might first be thought. Whilst there is an expectation that sliding doors for fitted wardrobes will be expensive, there are a number of ways to keep the cost down and still achieve a professional-looking fitted installation. For clarity, we have divided this article into a number of sub-sections – depending upon the plans you have for your wardrobe some of these will be relevant to your installation, whilst others may not.

Fitted wardrobes, framing and optional extras

The cost of these items will vary widely depending upon the source from which you purchase your doors and associated components and the quality/type of materials the doors themselves are constructed from.

Sources of supply

For an in-depth overview on this subject please see our article Where is the best place to buy sliding wardrobe doors?


Different suppliers offer different qualities of sliding doors. In the short term lower- priced doors may appear to be a cost-effective option but over the long term, if the doors fail, replacement parts may not be available. For a comprehensive overview of the differences in quality of doors available on the market please refer to our articles, Cheap sliding wardrobe doors and What sets us apart from other online retailers.

Of course, we invite you to check our own prices and compare them to other suppliers in the market.

Sliding door specification

In general, the overall cost of the doors depends on a variety of factors including:

- number of doors required;
- the width/height of the doors; - the width of the opening;
- frame type;
- door panel design;
- door panel materials;
- additional fittings (eg. soft-closers)

Any of these factors will affect the price point of the doors and so if these can be tailored to your exact requirements it should be possible to stay within a desired budget

Example sliding wardrobe door costings

To offer some examples, below are typical costs for two of our popular door styles – the Como Collection and the Milano Collection. The costs for the Como doors are based on them having full length plain mirrored panels. The costs for the Milano doors are based on them having pure white glass in three equally split panels.

The costs below are also based on steel-framed doors which are our most cost-effective sliding wardrobe doors. Aluminium-framed sliding wardrobe doors are also available but will increase the cost of each system by approximately 15%.

Important note: All our sliding wardrobe door prices include the top and bottom tracks necessary to accommodate the number of doors ordered. The costs below include steel top and bottom running tracks of the required lengths for each installation. (The top and bottom tracks are supplied over-sized so they will need to be cut down to the exact lengths required).

Example 1: Como Collection - Full length panel doors
Pricing is for made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors with steel framework, top and bottom running tracks, and full length mirrored doors

  • 2 door system (w: 1800mm x h: 2400mm) £430.51 (incl. delivery)
  • 3 door system (w: 2700mm x h: 2400mm) £615.77 (incl. delivery)
  • 4 door system (w: 3600mm x h: 2400mm) £801.02 (incl. delivery)
  • 5 door system (w: 4700mm x h: 2400mm) £986.28 (incl. delivery)

Example 2: Milano Collection - 3 Panel equal split doors
Pricing is for made-to measure sliding wardrobe doors with steel framework, top and bottom running tracks, and three-panel equal split pure white glass doors

  • 2 door system (w: 1800mm x h: 2400mm) £621.74 (incl. delivery)
  • 3 door system (w: 2700mm x h: 2400mm) £902.62 (incl. delivery)
  • 4 door system (w: 3600mm x h: 2400mm) £1,123.49 (incl. delivery)
  • 5 door system (w: 4700mm x h: 2400mm) £1,404.36 (incl. delivery)

Of course, the above examples are just two of the possibilities available within our entire range. As well as other panel designs, we also offer different door designs including Shaker-style sliding wardrobe doors, Minimalist sliding wardrobe doors and Frameless sliding wardrobe doors.

Online sliding wardrobe door configurator

Our online Sliding Wardrobe Door Configurator enables you to experiment with different numbers of doors, door panel designs, panel materials and framing choices to see how changing any of these factors affects the price for your installation, we have created an easy-to-use door designer tool.

How much will the framing cost?

Prior to installing doors of any design, if you don’t already have a framework in place you will need to create a suitably-framed aperture/opening. Such a framework can be achieved in a number of ways but our recommended method includes the installation of a framing kit, consisting of two strike plates and either two or four top and bottom liners, depending on your aperture/opening width.

Example framing kit costs

  • Framing kit for typical 2/3-door system £63.76 (excl. delivery)
  • Framing kit for typical 4/5-door system £95.64 (excl. delivery)

Please note: The above prices exclude delivery as it is expected you will buy the kits when ordering the doors.

What about optional extras?

Although other door fittings which can enhance the user performance of your sliding wardrobe doors, such as soft closer mechanisms and brush strips, will affect the overall price, it has to be said these will add relatively minor costs compared with the benefits they offer. If such items are not immediately required, or your budget is limited, these items can always be added at a later stage by retro-fitting them to the sliding doors installation.

How much will the wardrobe interior cost?

Obviously, to construct a completely bespoke wardrobe interior for your fitted wardrobe could prove relatively costly, depending on the materials used and the complexity of the individual storage areas required, eg. shelves, drawers, hanging rails, shoe racks etc. However, it is possible to achieve a perfectly professional interior using MFC panels and drawer and shelving kits. Of course, if you are converting an existing wardrobe space simply to have new sliding doors across the width, then you may be able to utilise the existing storage spaces and this will obviously reduce your overall cost.

Our own components for creating wardrobe interiors include flat panels for constructing vertical panels and shelves, as well as drawer packs and off-set shelf kits. All our flat panel items are available in 18mm thick MFC in various flat colours and woodgrain effects. These materials co-ordinate well with most existing interiors and offer a neutral colour for completely new installations. If you are planning to use our wardrobe interior components but to have these fitted by a professional joiner, please bear in mind that our panels will be delivered over-sized on the length dimension and the panel will need to be cut to match the contours of your walls. You can find further information on the different components our interiors are made up from in our installation guide section. For further reading on this subject please see our article What is melamine faced board (MFC) and How to cut melamine-faced chipboard (MFC).

Example pricing for our most popular wardrobe interior kits

  • 2-door interior (Option 2) £278.88 (excl. delivery)
  • 3-door interior (Option 2) £278.88 (excl. delivery)
  • 4-door interior (Option 2) £440.23 (excl. delivery)
  • 5-door interior (Option 2) £519.91 (excl. delivery)

For more information on items included in each interiors kit please refer to our wardrobe interiors section and click on the required number of doors for the wardrobe interior. The individual components of each of our wardrobe interior kits can be viewed on our Installation & Assembly Guides page.

IKEA Pax wardrobe interiors

We find that many customers like to use IKEA's Pax interiors behind our sliding wardrobe doors as they offer a complete solution with a wide variety of internal options/configurations to choose from.


If you intend to install the IKEA Pax system in combination with our sliding wardrobe doors please email us your planned interior design before installation. We can then make sure that your design corresponds with the widths and openings created by the sliding doors, especially if you intend to have pull-out drawers or pull-down hanging rails which will extend in front of the plane of the doors.

Fitted wardrobe installation costs

Similarly, the installation costs for your sliding wardrobe doors system can vary, depending upon a variety of factors:

Pre-installation considerations

The space in which you plan to install your sliding wardrobe can affect the overall cost more than you may think. For example, factors such as the condition of your walls or existing plasterwork; existing skirting boards and/or ceiling cornices; positions of underfloor or surface-mounted pipework and/or ceiling joists; and general accessibility to the room may all contribute to making a seemingly simple job that little more involved on closer consideration. Whilst we certainly do not aim to put you off, it is nevertheless useful to factor in for such elements as certain costs can be avoided or reduced, if planned for in advance. This is especially true if you are planning to use a tradesperson for your installation, as hourly labour costs can quickly build-up if extra time is necessary to resolve or rectify unforeseen issues.

DIY or professional installation?

If you are a confident, enthusiastic DIY-er then the installation of a suitable framework and the fitting of the doors should be a relatively straightforward procedure and the additional costs associated should be purely material costs eg. framing kit or timber; fixings; decorating materials etc. We have a number of help and advice articles and installation guides available for free download on this website which offer useful advice, tips and techniques, all aimed at helping the DIY installer achieve the most professional finished project as possible.

If you plan on using the services of a professional joiner then their costs for installation and making good (eg. redecoration/re-painting) need to be factored in to your overall budget. A good joiner/carpenter/craftsperson may charge in the region of £200-£250 a day for their labour. Check whether any quoted rates include or exclude VAT as, at the current rate of 20%, this can have a significant impact on the overall cost. We would suggest that professional installation of a simple three-door system including framework, sliding doors and running tracks (but no interior elements) into an easily prepared aperture/ opening may take 1 to 2.5 days in total. A professional tradesperson may also suggest installing their own bespoke interior, eg. using plain coloured or woodgrain finish melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), wood veneered chipboard, or even solid timber. If you opt for such a bespoke interior then you may also consider including specific unique features such as a built-in TV screen or a dressing table. Of course, the more involved the overall project becomes, the longer it will take to achieve and the more costly it will become.

Whatever route you decide on with regard to installation, if you choose our sliding wardrobe doors, we would recommend you email us the planned interior design before any work commences so that we can make sure there will not be any wardrobe access issues with the doors to be installed. Also, checking first that everything is appropriately positioned in the interior space to correspond with the door positions when fitted could save time, and more importantly, money. If modifications need to be made to the interior once the doors have been manufactured, delivered and installed, this could have time and cost implications.

'Making good' costs

Remember that after your wardrobe is installed some redecoration work may be required. This could include wallpapering and/ or painting or re-carpeting. If such items have been covered for in your initial budget you shouldn’t then be faced with a beautiful new wardrobe installation let down by some tatty surrounding decorations that may not get finished off for months, or even years! And if the amount of redecoration required is only minimal, you may even come out with some budget left over!

Removal cost

If you are replacing existing traditional timber doors or older sliding doors then you may also need to consider the the cost of removal / disposal of the old doors. Timber doors are reasonably easy to dispose of if they can be cut up and taken to a recycling centre; however if old glass, mirrored or metal-framed doors are to be removed and disposed of you may need to organise collection and/or transportation of these to a disposal point. Some local authorities also make charges for the safe and responsible disposal of certain materials eg. glass, mirrored panels

Delivery cost

At Wardrobe Doors Direct we make a flat delivery charge to anywhere in mainland UK of £60.00 for orders under a value of £1,000.00 but offer free delivery to anywhere in mainland UK on orders over £1,000.

Contact us

If you have any queries in relation to the cost of sliding wardrobe doors or wardrobe interiors, please contact our Design Team on 0800 035 1730.

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