Shaker-style sliding wardrobe doors

The Shaker-style of sliding wardrobe door has remained a popular choice because it fits seamlessly into any space; in place of bold or ostentatious looks the Shaker-style door design offers a quiet, understated quality and simplicity that imbues consistency and longevity – exactly the values that many people desire for their homes. Their style exists to complement the other elements of a room’s design, not become the focal point themselves. Even better, if you decide to change your decor style in a few years, you can count on the fact that a classic Shaker-style sliding wardrobe door is more than likely to work with your new look.

Made-to-measure Shaker-style sliding wardrobe doors

Our made-to-measure Shaker-style sliding wardrobe doors are a modern interpretation of the classic Shaker door and, as such, incorporate contemporary materials such as aluminium extruded profiles, melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), coloured glass panels and mirror panels. Our sliding wardrobe doors are available in a traditional full length panel design (Como Collection); and an equally divided three-panel design (Milano Collection).

The framing for Shaker sliding wardrobe doors comprises a chunky 50mm wide aluminium profile and 55mm wide H-bars that are available in two woodgrain finishes – Champagne Avola and Truffle Avola – or in four flat colours: Cashmere, Graphite Grey, Stone Grey and White.


To create the most authentic Shaker-style sliding wardrobe door we recommend that you match your choice of door panel colour to the framing choice; however, the Shaker profile framing can also be used with all our other sliding wardrobe door designs to create your own individual take on the Shaker style.

To make a break from the traditional look of Shaker-style sliding wardrobes doors try contrasting panel colours or swapping out the traditional wood panels for coloured glass or mirrored panels.

The aluminium profiles and panels that comprise our Shaker-style doors, together with their dimensions, can be seen in the illustration opposite. For a different Shaker-style door look the wardrobe door stile can be used with the curved profile facing the front. (We will ask that you specify your preference after we have received your order.)

The Shaker-style sliding wardrobe door kits come fully fitted with top and bottom rollers incorporating bearings – ensuring years of maintenance-free operation. Optional soft closer mechanisms and brush strip edges are also available on all Shaker sliding door designs.

Please request samples of the Shaker profile and panel choices from our sample request page.

For more information about our range of Shaker sliding wardrobe doors, please call the Design Team on freephone 0800 035 1730.

The enduring appeal and influence of Shaker doors

The Shaker-style is one of the most enduring designs for cupboard and cabinet doors and is still very popular today. It offers a simple, understated design element in any room and encompasses a timeless feel that works with most decor styles or design aesthetics.

It’s quite remarkable to think that such a small religious community that only lasted approximately 150 years (see below) was responsible for the origination of one of the now most universally popular furniture styles. The currently revived and enduring ‘mid-century style’ owes many of its design cues to Shaker philosophy and style and much Danish and Scandinavian furniture design has been influenced by the honesty and simplicity of this American movement. Arguably, Shaker doors are as popular now as they were in the 1850s.

So, what is the Shaker style?

The Shaker ‘style,’ as used for the construction of cupboard or cabinet doors, traditionally features a 'cope and stick' design with a simple, rebated panel in the centre – see illustration opposite.

A brief history of Shaker furniture

The Shakers were originally a group of English Quakers who, in 1774, emigrated to revolutionary colonial America (initially settling in Waterville, New York) and sought to follow a sexually abstinent and simple, communal utopian lifestyle. Their practice of charismatic religious worship, often involving exuberant movements and dancing, earned them the name, the 'Shaking Quakers’. This nickname eventually became shortened simply to ‘Shakers’.

The Shakers’ core values were centred on equality of the sexes, humility, inclusion, integrity, pacifism, and innovation. Shaker communities were largely self-sufficient and placed the needs of the whole community above the needs of the individual. The Shakers grew their own food, made their own tools, and constructed their own furniture. Their focus in making furniture was on its utility, favouring forms that were simple, functional, practical and yet thoughtful, and creating pieces that displayed exceptional quality and were made to last. The quality of the materials and craftsmanship were highlighted, but the designs were never unnecessarily ornamental and rarely included inlays or carvings, veneers or metal handles, which were thought to be prideful or deceitful. It was from these roots that the Shaker-style of doors emerged.

In the early Shaker kitchens, cabinet doors were constructed using timbers that were easily obtainable from the surrounding environment and these were often stained or painted in simple colours that identified the particular Shaker community that made them. The simple beauty of the Shaker door design began to spread and Shaker communities began selling their surplus furniture. The simplicity of the design made it relatively easy for them to produce high-quality furniture and in high volumes.

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Aluminium Shaker-style framing in Cashmere (left), Graphite Grey (2nd from left), Stone Grey (3rd from left) and White (4th from left).
The vertical stiles of the shaker-style wardrobe doors can be specified with the flat face to the front (above left) or with the curved face to the front (above right).
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