Floor-to-ceiling wardrobes for maximum internal storage space

Our floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe doors enable you to maximise the full-height, internal storage potential of your room space, whilst at the same time providing a smart and versatile visual appearance. They are a popular choice for creating wardrobe storage as they are designed to install seamlessly against your walls, ceiling and floor with the minimum of work involved.

Built-in floor-to-ceiling, sliding door wardrobes versus freestanding wardrobes

Perhaps the main benefit of a built-in floor-to-ceiling wardrobe is its ability to maximise the potential space for use. Every square inch of the internal space created, from the floor up to the ceiling, can be utilised in some form to create all manner of versatile storage solutions including shelves, hanging rails, traditional drawers, basket stacks and shoe racks. Everything designed to suit your particular storage needs, whether it’s purely for clothes, your media and entertainment library or your precious collection of retro memorabilia. And all of these can then be discretely and simply hidden away behind elegant and practical sliding doors.

Compare this with a traditional freestanding wardrobe, either with sliding doors or traditional, open-out, hinged doors. Immediately, the potential for storage space is limited by the internal dimensions of the item itself if it does not fit exactly the full width or the floor-to-ceiling height of the space into which your are placing it. OK, it might be close in height but will you really be able to utilise those few inches between the top of the wardrobe and the ceiling, or will it more likely just become a frustrating dust trap? Likewise, that eighteen inches that it doesn’t quite fit the width by will be useful for storing your squash racket, or the ironing board, or that mirror that you never got round to hanging...

Even if you manage to find a freestanding wardrobe to fit the space almost perfectly, is it one that has sliding doors? If not, how easy is it going to be to open the doors between the end of the bed to access it, especially when your partner is trying to squeeze past you to reach their own clothes and get dressed before they miss the train?

Need we say more? A full-height floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with sliding doors is the only way to go if you want maximum storage, minimum fuss and hassle.

Integrated wardrobes fitted seamlessly between walls, floor and ceiling.

Floor-to-ceiling fitted wardrobes have the ability to blend seamlessly into the design of your room. Our wardrobes are designed to be installed flush with the wall using ‘strike plates’ (see below), so there are no unsightly gaps or protruding edges. This gives the finished installation a more integrated and professional look, as the built-in wardrobe appears to be an integral part of the room. Likewise, whether you are installing over bare floor boards, chipboard flooring, a floating timber floor or existing carpet and up to your ceiling, our bottom and top ‘liners’ (see below) enable you to create the ideal mounting for the door running tracks and achieve a smart and professional overall finish.

For more information on creating a framework for a full-height sliding door wardrobe installation, please see our article How to install a frame for built-in sliding wardrobe doors.

Maximise your wardrobe vertical storage space

Our built-in sliding wardrobe doors allow you to maximise the vertical space you have between your floor and ceiling. To understand fully how to accurately measure this dimension please see our measuring guide. The maximum aperture height to which you can order your sliding wardrobe doors on our website is 2480mm. For most situations this will give sufficient scope and will mean that a full floor-to-ceiling height wardrobe can be easily achieved.

Extra tall sliding wardrobe doors

For situations where a floor-to-ceiling height is greater 2480mm (eg. in period residences or converted mill apartments) we also offer extra tall sliding wardrobe doors. These extra tall sliding wardrobe doors can be specified up to an opening aperture height of 2750mm. These ‘over-height’ doors are only available as an aluminium-framed door and there is an additional cost of £80.00 per door.

If you would like a quote for our tall floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe doors that are taller than our standard 2480mm height, please phone the Design Team on 0800 035 1730 with the door specification you require and we will be able to provide a quote on an individual basis.

If you require doors to fit into an opening taller than 2750mm, or you have a taller room but don’t want to have extra-tall sliding wardrobe doors, it is possible to create a ‘bulkhead’ up to the ceiling, or alternatively, build a plinth onto the floor to fill the excess height. Please refer to our articles How to use infill panels, height reducers & spacers above wardrobes to build a bulkhead and How to create a raised plinth for wardrobe doors.

Fitting floor-to-ceiling wardrobe doors with existing ceiling coving and/or skirting boards

As mentioned above, to achieve a professional, integrated look to your installation we recommend you first construct a frame around the opening for the doors to be installed into. To help you achieve this easily, we have our own framing kit which consist of strike plates that attach to the walls, and liners that are fitted to the floor and against the ceiling. Using these components will enable you to ensure the opening aperture is true, plumb and square before the tracks and doors are installed. When these components are fitted they also ensure that no unsightly gaps between the doors and the walls, floor or ceiling are visible. For more information on how to create a frame please see our article How to install a frame for built-in sliding wardrobe doors.

In order to construct the frame you may encounter existing ceiling coving and/or existing skirting boards. To enable the full-height frame to be constructed properly, these elements can either have sections removed or can be incorporated into the framework. There are a number of ways that this can be achieved – please refer to our article How to remove a section of skirting board to install a wardrobe frame and How to install a frame for built-in sliding wardrobe doors.

Get in touch

If you would like more information or to receive a quote for our floor-to-ceiling sliding wardrobe doors, please contact the Design Team on freephone 0800 035 1730.

The versatility of floor-to-ceiling sliding door wardrobes means they are ideal for a variety of room environments and enables you to configure the resultant maximised space to suit your exact storage requirements.
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