Sliding wardrobe door kits

Sliding wardrobe doors are an ideal way to add storage space to your bedroom without taking up valuable floor space. They are also a stylish addition to any room, providing a sleek and modern look. Our sliding wardrobe doors kits have been designed so they can be easily installed by any enthusiastic, competent DIY-er or you could hire a professional to install them.

Made-to-measure sliding wardrobe door kits

Our made-to-measure sliding wardrobe door kits have be specially designed for DIY installation. All the components you order (doors, running tracks, framing kits, interiors etc.) are packaged individually to make them easy to identify and handle. The wardrobe sliding doors are delivered to you, ready-assembled, with the top and bottom wheels (running gear) already attached. If your opening/aperture does not already have a surrounding wood frame we recommend that you install one before fitting your running tracks and sliding doors. Our framing kits are designed especially to fulfil this purpose. We offer various framing kits to suit different situations – wall to wall, wall to end-panel and end-panel to end-panel. Finally, we offer a range of co-ordinated wardrobe interior storage kits with which to complete your installation.

Wardrobe door kits fully guaranteed quality components

Our sliding wardrobe door kits are assembled using quality components, including steel or aluminium frames, British Standard certified running gear, high quality Egger MFC door panels or British Standard certified glass or mirrored door panels. All Wardrobe Doors Direct products also carry a 10 year manufacturers’ guarantee on the door panels and all moving parts. For a clearer insight into how our door kits compare with other manufacturer’s doors and to understand the different components that go into making up the doors please see our article Comparing our sliding wardrobe doors with other retailers' doors.

We also offer extra-wide sliding wardrobe doors kits if you require greater access to your wardrobe interiors and extra-tall sliding wardrobe doors kits if, for example, you have an older property with high ceilings up to 2750mm high.

As mentioned above, our kits are also available with steel-framed doors, aluminium-framed doors, or with Minimalist aluminium-framed doors or Shaker-style aluminium-framed doors.

Room dividers, pocket doors and barn doors

Our sliding wardrobe door kits can also be used to create stylish and versatile room dividers, if required. In addition to sliding wardrobe doors we also offer sliding pocket door kits and sliding barn door kits.

Before you begin...

Before ordering one of our sliding wardrobe door kits it is good practice to check for any potential obstacles, such as light switches, electrical cables or pipes in the wall and whether skirting boards or ceiling coving may need to be incorporated or have sections removed. In order to manufacture your doors to the correct dimensions you will need to need to take accurate measurements of the opening, to the nearest millimetre. Please refer to our measuring guide for how best to achieve these. Using the overall width and height measurements you provide for the opening/aperture we make the kits to your bespoke dimensions – as well as the doors, these also include the top and bottom running tracks*. We will calculate all the necessary deductions for the top and bottom tracks and based on the number of doors you specify, we will also work out the overlaps between the individual doors so you don’t need to provide us with this information. Neither do you need to include any tolerances (plus or minus amounts) to the measurements as there is 15mm of height adjustment up or down within the bottom wheels and if your width measurement is not totally accurate the overlap we allow on the doors will help you to disguise any small errors in measurement you may have made.

*The running tracks will be delivered to you oversized so you can cut them to the exact size to fit your opening width perfectly.

Create your own wardrobe door design

When you are satisfied with your measurements you can use our online wardrobe door designer to experiment with different door numbers, designs, panel colours and frame finishes. You can also order frame and panel samples using our sample request page.

We offer a wide range of material choices and combinations to enable you to tailor your sliding wardrobe doors kit to your exact visual requirement and to match your available budget.

Briefly, our door kits are available either with steel frames and running tracks or with aluminium frames and running tracks. Door panel materials include flat colour or woodgrain effect MFC, coloured glass and plain or coloured mirror and plain or coloured satin mirror finishes. Coloured glass doors are a great option if you want a high-gloss look, whilst mirrored glass doors can make a small space feel larger and brighter.

Sliding wardrobe door kits for DIY installation

For the reasonably experienced DIY-er, the installation of our sliding wardrobe door kits should be a relatively simple process. To help you, we have produced an online installation guide in plain English that contains step-by-step instructions, together with numerous illustrations and diagrams. In addition to our installation guide we also have a wealth of informative articles available in the Help/ Advice section of our website – for example A DIYers guide to cutting melamine-faced board (MFC) with no chipping and How to install a frame for built-in sliding wardrobe doors.

Please note, with the exception of our wardrobe interiors kits, no fixings are included with the sliding wardrobe door kits so you will need to provide your own screws, wall plugs etc. However, the recommended sizes for screws and fixings are covered within the installation guide. Similarly, as the installation of our kits is slightly more involved than assembling flat-pack furniture for example, there is the necessity to drill your own holes and cut certain components (eg. top and bottom running tracks) to length so a number of tools and materials will also be required. Briefly, these include:

– tape measure, masking tape and pencil
– cross-head screwdriver or power screwdriver with interchangeable heads
– power drill / metal and wood bits
– hacksaw (to cut top and bottom running tracks)
– timber saw (to cut MFC framing sections)

Contact us

If you would have any questions regarding our sliding wardrobe door kits or would like to talk with our technical team or design team please call 0800 035 1730.

The versatility of sliding door wardrobes means they are ideal for a variety of room environments and enables you to maximise the space to suit your exact storage requirements. Clockwise from top right: extra-tall sliding doors for older properties with high ceilings; sliding pocket doors; child's bedroom wardrobe doors; kitchen or pantry storage areas; garage storage; stylish room dividers.
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