Made-to-measure sliding cupboard doors for home offices and garden offices

The increasing preference for people choosing to work from home on a regular basis (whether part-time or full-time) has seen a corresponding increase in the creation of home office spaces and the building of garden offices / garden rooms. As a part of this trend we find that many of our customers are using our sliding wardrobe doors as the perfect solution to create contemporary, made-to-measure, built-in cupboard storage or to divide a space into two (or more) distinctive areas of use.

Home offices / garden offices

When compared with the cost and potential disruption caused by adding a traditional extension to ones home, home office / garden rooms offer an economical and flexible method of adding space that can be designed for a variety of uses, whether it be as a permanent home office or gym for example, or as a combination of two or more functions, eg. as a home office during the week and a gym / cinema room / chill-out room / home bar over the weekend.

Running a small business or even simply working from home can result in the need for increased storage space and this often necessitates that the basic items associated with a business (eg. files, stationery, computers etc.) be hidden away, whether for practical, privacy or security reasons, or, in the case of a small business, the storage of items of stock. When used in this role an effective way of quickly and easily hiding one use from another can be achieved with made-to-measure sliding cupboard doors.

Create different looks to your cupboard doors to compliment your home office

With a myriad of styles and designs available to choose for your home office we believe the options achievable with our range of made-to-measure sliding doors offer the perfect compliment, so you can easily adapt the internal space to suit your specific requirements. We offer different types of sliding doors: steel and aluminium framed doors, Minimalist framed doors, Shaker style doors and frameless doors. All are available in different panel designs and panel materials (including coloured glass, coloured or woodgrain effect melamine-faced chipboard and tinted or plain mirror) and so can be designed to co-ordinate with your garden room's interior design. Please refer to the colour swatches available or request a sample.

If part of the garden office / garden room is going to be used to house a gym then you may want to consider installing our mirror sliding wardrobe doors with the minimalist frame (which is only 10mm width all the way around the door) – perfect for maximising the amount of uninterrupted reflective surface. To learn more about our minimalist frame sliding doors please see our article Minimalist sliding wardrobe doors.

Installing sliding cupboard doors in a home office / garden office

Our made-to-measure sliding cupboard doors are available for either DIY installation or for installation using your own joiner / garden room installers. The doors can be included as part of the original office room build or retro-fitted after the garden room is complete and they can be installed floor-to-ceiling and either wall-to-wall or wall-to-end panel. The installation process is simple and should be easily manageable by a professional tradesperson or a competent DIY-er. For guidance on installation please refer to our detailed measuring guide and installation guides. You will also find more information in our ‘How to guides’ in the Help/Advice section of our website.

Bespoke built-in office shelving / storage

Once your sliding doors are installed you can also use our custom shelving and storage options to create an individual storage scheme, suited to your particular requirements, whether it be for office paperwork, fitness equipment, books or records etc. You can view our options for internal shelving in our extra items section, where you can also find details of the different sized panels available.

Triple-track sliding doors

If you plan to use sliding doors to section off part of the garden office to a hide a kitchenette or to achieve a wider opening to the divided space then you may be interested in our triple-track sliding door solutions. When used with a three-door configuration a triple-track allows you to slide all three doors to be in-line with each other. Please refer to our article triple track sliding doors for more information.

Using sliding door dividers in gardens rooms / garden offices

If your new space is large enough to dedicate different areas to different activities then you may consider dividing it up with our sliding door room dividers.

Storage extras

To complement our sliding cupboard doors we also offer the following storage items in matching colours:
office cabinet units
– made-to-measure hairpin leg office tables (coming soon).

Further information

If you would like to discuss your own garden office / home office and how our products could be integrated with it please phone us on 0800 035 1730.

Sliding door cupboards are an ideal way to create smart storage areas with a garden room or to divide the space into separate areas for different uses.
We also offer a range of co-ordinating office cabinets and hairpin leg tables to complete your garden room office.
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